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Increase it : It takes a combination of exercise and targeted nutrition to add inches to your jump. Some exercises to improve your vertical leap which might prove helpful.

Exercise #1
For getting that perfect high jump, it is important to start from the basics. Working on the core muscles – quads and pilates, mainly has to be focused on. The first set of such core exercises therefore is deep knee bend exercises. These involve bending your knees gradually while keeping your back straight. Going down to crouch as low as you can like that and come back up in the original position.

Exercise #2
If you want strength as well as speed and are looking to increase your vertical jump at home, sprinting is one of the best options. It gives strength and explosion needed for a vertical leap. Do short bursts of 10 yard dash, four times, touching the ground after those 10 yards. This will be a single set. This can be done in 3 sets 3 times a week initially and then increased gradually, the frequency and not the distance.

Exercise #3
Another great way to increase your vertical jump fast is to do single leg squats. Now while doing the squats, it is good idea to go down as much as you can. That is important because then you would be able to increase your glute activation, the large muscle needed for propulsion in a vertical jump. Such kind of jumping normally requires jumping off one leg, that is where single leg squats can be helpful and effective. Such vertical jump exercises are movement specific and will contribute towards building the required strength. The squat according to experts has to be 1.5 times your body weight, if not twice if you want to give yourselves a fair chance to increase your vertical leap.

Exercise #4
Elevated jumps are going to help leaps and bounds for improving upon your vertical jump. For doing the elevated jumps, start off with placing a step bench or platform on the ground. Standing on that platform jump backward on the ground, paying extra attention to landing softly. Follow that up by immediately jumping back on the platform in a bouncing motion. This is a single set. It is ideal to do 10 repetitions of this single set.

Exercise #5
This exercise is great when you want to focus on hips and knees. It is hurdle hopping, where hurdles are arranged in a row and the distance between them is uniform. Jump or spring forward over the hurdles without breaking the rhythm. Lift with your knees together, close to the chest as much as possible and land on the ball of your feet. Without waiting, continue with the next exercise in the sequence.

Exercise #6
To increase your vertical leap, there is one more thing which can be done. These are alternate leg jumps. These are great for building your endurance and to condition your leg muscles for jumping better. Grab a platform and then place a foot on the platform in a way that your leg makes a 90 degree angle and your thigh as parallel to the ground. Then jump as high as you can and switch legs in mid air before you land on the ground.

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